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About Walk4BrainCancer 

Walk4BrainCancer is the biggest mobilisation of the brain cancer community, taking place across Australia from September to December every year.

Since Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s first ‘Walk4Life’ in 2003, Walk4BrainCancer has grown from a community walk to a powerful grassroots movement. Last year, record numbers of people came together to change outcomes for those living with, and impacted by brain cancer. The event is a chance for the brain cancer community to take to their feet, bare their sole, and share their stories.

Whether as an individual or part of a team, it’s easy to participate or fundraise at any of the 30+ walks across the country. Alternatively, you may want to create your own walk if there is no suitable event nearby, or if you wish to honour a loved one in a special way. Our team are here to help with any enquiries you have to make sure your experience runs as smoothly as possible, feel free to contact us.

Personalised t-shirts always prove popular at the walks, and these can be ordered in advance of your event alongside our other merchandise, including beanies and bags, in our online store. Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s standard merchandise is offering is also available at our flagship events.

Walk4BrainCancer is always an emotional and ultimately uplifting event. It is a place to share your stories, remember your loved ones, and come together with others who have been through similar journeys. At the six flagship walks in Brisbane, Centennial Park Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Manly Sydney, you can share your stories on our ‘Tree of Hope’, as well as enjoy experiencing fantastic live music, gourmet BBQs, and fun activities for children. Individual walk details will be released closer to the event details.

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