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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. Or check out our 8 top W4BC fundraising tips below.

1.  How do I join a team?

  • If you have registered: go to the email containing your ticket and click on the 'Start Fundraising' button.
  • Then create your fundraising page and click 'join team', search on the 'Team Name' or organiser's name and select the team.

Join a team | W4BC 

  • Your fundraising page will then appear under the team page. 
  • If you haven't registered: find your walk and click 'register and join a team'. Then create your fundraising page and it will appear under the team page.

2.  I have set up a team. How do I add people to my team?

  • Sign-in at the top of walk4braincancer.com.au and go to My Account at the top of the page.

My Account | W4BC 

  • View your team fundraising page and scroll down and click on 'ADD TEAM MEMBERS'.
  • You'll then be prompted to 'INVITE BY EMAIL' or 'ADD NAMES ONLY' to your team:
    • INVITE BY EMAIL:  This allows your friends and family to register to walk and create a fundraising page under your team.
    • ADD NAMES ONLY: you can enter names only for those who walking only or not setting up a fundraising page e.g. children under five years.  

Add Team Member | W4BC  Invite | W4BC