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Set Up A Community Walk

Join the movement for brain cancer and set up a local Walk4BrainCancer in 2018.

It's easy to create your own local Walk4BrainCancer. Just choose a suitable course that is about 2 - 5km, pick a date and think about who can help you if you need it. Read these helpful tips and tools

Simply complete the below Walk4BrainCancer form with as much information as you have and we'll set up your own Walk4BrainCancer webpage for you - it's that simple! Once we've put your walk on the map, your family and friends can then register to walk with you. We'll even help you promote your walk to your local community through our Facebook followers.

We'll be in touch to let you know when your walk has been set up online so you can start registering and fundraising for brain cancer research.  If you have questions about how to create a walk just email community@curebraincancer.org.au or phone 1300 362 965.

Your form has been recieved.

Thank you, your request to create a community walk has been submitted. We will contact you shortly to discuss next steps. Please click here if you’d like to submit another walk request

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Walk Details


We will create a webpage for your walk on curebraincancer.org.au. Your Walk4BrainCancer page will automatically close six months after the walk.

File should be under 5MB.
File should be under 5MB.
Please note, your image will be resized/cropped to fit 950px wide and 500px high. File should be under 5MB.
File should be under 5MB.

If more than one image, please upload the images as a ZIP file.

File should be under 5MB.

Registration Fees

Cure Brain Cancer recommends the following registration fees:

Adult (16 yrs.+) fee: $30
Child (under 5 free) fee: $20
Family (2 adults/2children): $90

If you would like to charge different fees for your Walk4BrainCancer please list fees below:


Cure Brain Cancer reserves its rights to withdraw approval for the fundraiser/activity at any time if it appears that there is a likelihood of the Fundraiser failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions, and/or Community Fundraising Guidelines.

In consideration of my application being accepted, I understand, intending to be legally bound for myself and my heirs, executor and administrators, waive and release the organisers and sponsors (individually and collectively), including the directors, officers, staff, volunteers and representatives thereof, and indemnify them against any liability (including liability for negligence) for the death or any physical or mental illness, incapacity of property damage or loss which I may suffer which may directly or indirectly result from my participation in the fundraiser/activity. I further verify that I am in appropriate physical and mental condition to participate in the fundraiser and acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved and voluntarily agree to assume those risks.